The shipping time and cost depend on your location and delivery method. Orders from North America will be produced in the USA and shipping will usually take 5-8 business days. European orders will produced in Germany, where shipping usually takes 2-3 business days and is free of charge. You can find the estimated shipping time and the shipping cost for your location in the list below.
As soon as you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email that allows you to track your order from the start of production to delivery to your door.

North America

CountryShipping timeShipping costFree shipping from 
USA Standard shipping5-8 business days$4,00$40,00
USA Priority shipping3-6 business days$8,00
USA Express shipping1-3 business days$35,00


CountryShipping timeShipping CostFree Shipping from
Germany2-3 business days3,50€40,00€
Austria3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Belgium3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Czech Republic3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Denmark3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
France3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Luxembourg3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Netherlands3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Poland3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Spain3-5 business days5,90€59,00€
Estonia3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Finland3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Hungary3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Italy3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Latvia3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Lithuania3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Slovakia3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Slovenia3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Sweden3-5 business days7,90€69,00€
Belarus3-5 business days9,90€69,00€
Bosnia and Herzegovina3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Iceland3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Liechtenstein3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Macedonia3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Montenegro3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Norway3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Serbia3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Switzerland3-5 business days9,90€79,00€
Ukraine3-5 business days9,90€79,00€